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Welcome To Ecton Lake....

Although 38 acres in size, it is not a large intimidating water, as it has over 8 acres of islands running down the centre of the lake. All the swims are well spread and the situation of the islands give you your own water with no interference from opposite or neighbouring anglers and there is parking directly behind some of the swims.


It is estimated that the stock of carp would be around 400 plus with the Nene Valley originals mixed with more recent stockings from Fishers Pond, Future Fisheries and VS Fisheries, please take a look at our Stocking pics to see the quality of the fish!


Original Mirrors and Commons have been caught over 40lbs including a stunning linear (as seen on the Home page) that has come out 42lb 8oz and also this typical Nene Valley Common weighing  40lb 8oz.

Alan Taylor

40lb 8oz

Ecton Lake 18lb 4oz Bream

18lb 4oz

Our Fisher Pond babies are now 35lb plus with plenty of growing left to do in them, and with some of the others growing at an average of 7lb per year its a fishery with a great future! Multiple captures often made by the discerning experienced anglers.

ALL Methods catch! it isnt Rocket science!!


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