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Stocking Over The Years....

After taking over the lakes from the Nene and District Angling Club it was soon obvious that the existing stock were proper Nene Valley Originals, good looking scaley, linear Mirrors and stunning chesnut Commons to and over 38lb in 2004. Our first stocking took place in January 2005 when we stocked in Fisher Ponds C3's Mirror's between 3lb and 4lb, 70 went into the main Ecton Lake and 30 into Jigsaw Lake, with plenty of growing space these fish settled nicely into their new home and by 2009 were being captured at over 30lb. These Fish have darkened considerably in the clear water and are very often mistaken for the Old Original's but are still only babies!

Fish Stocking Ecton 19 01 05 002

Babies they arent though as now some of these stunners are actually hitting the upper 30lb mark with years and years of growing left to do, Carp from this strain have easily made over 50lb!

c Fisher pond 50lb plus

50lb+              Fishers Pond

We have also made a few small stockings when "Special fish" have become available, for instance we stocked in some lovely Commons to Jigsaw Lake whose parents have all been 40lb plus fish, these have rocketed in size to mid 20's in no time at all.

Our next significant stocking took place in Febuary 2009 which saw Carp from Future Fisheries, these have a superb reputation for doing well and also being healthy with substantial growth rates. Although we had these fish on order for 2 years you never know what your going to get until the nets get thrown! Not quite what we had ordered size wise BUT the mixed batch ranging from 2lb to mid doubles contained some real stunners!! 160 fish went into Ecton Lake and just over 50 went into Jigsaw Lake.

I had no more stocking plans until i saw some VS Fisheries Carp... Oh My God!  I just fell in love with them and had to have some, simply the most incredible Carp and what a pedigree! Leneys, Dinks and Suttons! I managed to jump the queue and later the same year (2009) my first delivery of these wonderful creatures arrived at the Lakes. After dealing with Viv Shears and seeing his wonderfull Carp its difficult to contemplate fish from anywhere else, everything is very proffesional and you get exactly what you order and that is why we had 2 further stockings!

As you can see we are passionate about our babies, please take care of them! Thank you for taking the time to read all about the Carp that swim in our Lakes and we look forward to welcoming you....

Kind Regards,

Alan Taylor